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The Great Resignation Of Accounting Firm Talent With Byron Patrick

Byron Patrick of Botkeeper joins Amanda at Accounting Salon in New Orleans. To talk about the changes in the last few years in the world of accounting. We also get a look into Byron's life away from work seeing his perspective change over the past few years. Byron discusses the growth of Botkeeper and the change in the workplace over COVID-19.

Balancing Food, Family, Friends, and Work with Nicole Davis

Nicole Davis CPA Founder and Owner of Butler-David Tax and Accounting join Amanda to chat about working with her husband, Social Media Presence, and delicious food Amanda and Nicole cook. Amanda dives deep into Nicole's life discussing a work-life balance and staying healthy.

Stripping Down and Rebuilding a Successful Practice with Patti Scharf

Patti Scharf of Catching Clouds joins Amanda to chat about working with her husband, her YouTube channel, and travel anxiety as a firm owner. They discuss the history of Patty's firm that combines both IT and accounting services, its pivot to e-commerce, firing clients, and why Patti started rebuilding her firm two years ago. Patty and Amanda talk also discuss some of their current favorite business books.

Remote Working in High Definition with Blake Oliver

Blake Oliver of Jirav and the Cloud Accounting Podcast joins Amanda to chat about video games, remote work, commuting, and relocating. They discuss how cloud accounting firms were some of the first businesses to adopt remote work years ago. Blake and Amanda talk about how cloud-based technology can be used to deeper relationships with clients, but both wonder why there isn't any cloud-based tax software available.

Constructing an Accounting Firm in the Reverse Order Way with Kenji Kuramoto

Kenji Kuramoto of Acuity joins Amanda to chat about building a cloud accounting firm that is an amazing 17 years old. Kenji discusses how new tools and technologies have improved the bookkeeping and tax processes, and how the industry is just starting to enter a time in which new tools and technology are being created for the controller and advisory processes. Kenji shares his learnings from Acuity's recent acquisition of another accounting firm. Amanda and Kenji also talk about sharing their love of the outdoors to help bring balance to their lives.

Creating Space for Deep Work with Jeff Phillips

Jeff Phillips of Padgett Busines Services joins Amanda to chat about how regardless of him not being an accountant, his career has led him to become the CEO of an accounting firm. They both go deep on how hard it is to focus and eliminate distractions to have time to work on your most important projects. Jeff and Amanda share some books that have helped them better manage their time and, more importantly, their inbox. Jeff also shares his love of stock images.

Pausing and Paring Down with Lorilyn Wilson

Lorilyn Wilson of DueNorth PDX joins Amanda to chat about refining systems and processes. They discuss how the pandemic has been a chance for some self-reflection including going deep on utilizing an enneagram test. Lorilyn also discusses how she became TikTok famous.

Thinking About Adding a Tax Practice with Ryan Watson

Ryan Watson of Upsourced Accounting joins Amanda to chat about CAS, tax, apps, and the latest high-tech baby gear. Ryan talks about how he has grown his practice yearly and turned it into a sustainable engine. They also reflect on the history of Xero in the US market.

Accounting Salon Founders Amanda Aguillard and David Leary

In this proof-of-concept episode, David Leary and Amanda Aguillard talk about the origins of the Accounting Salon as a conference, a virtual event, and now as a podcast. David interviews the host Amanda so listeners can get to know her better.

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